To: Crecente From: Bashcraft This morning, I had to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my license. As part of renewing it, I had to take a two hour class. One hour of it was an instructor telling us about the importance of having a perfect driving record (lower insurance premiums!) and quizzing us about traffic law. The second part of the class was showing us a SCARY VIDEO with traffic accident after traffic accident with dead person after dead person. The worst part was that the bodies they showed were all covered in pixelated mosaics, leaving way more to your imagination. Above is one of the booklets about traffic laws and safety we were given. It features the characters from popular anime Chibi Maruko-chan in it. Insides they offer tips about driving safely. While watching the DVD of highway horror, the woman next to me spent the entire time drawing Maruko-chan on another sheet of paper — even as the DVD showed a young woman in a fur coat, pulled from a car. Her blurred out face covered in blood. A police officer, prying open the whites of her eyes with his fingers. What you missed last night Tool Confirmed For Guitar Hero: World Tour Dragon Quest IX, Final Fantasy XIII Not Playable At Tokyo Game Show Amazon Reviewers Do Not Take Kindly To Spore's DRM Nintendo Announces... Wii/DS WiFi Router (Bwah?) Crysis-Ready PC Specs, Price Really Fake Pikachu For Really Big Bucks Nintendo Is Working On Something Better Than Wii HDD