First announced in July at Comic-Con, we now have the first hard details on the official, Crysis-branded PC that's due for release later this month. The end result of an assurance by Crytek that their games game could run - at "high" settings - on a $900 machine, the rig actually comes in at $699, has been christened the "Warhead PC" in honour of the upcoming expansion, and will launch alongside it on September 16. Specs are as follows. - CPU: Intel Core Duo e7300 (@2.66GHz) - GFX: Nvidia 9800GT - RAM: 2GB Bear in mind this isn't an official announcement, just some stuff reported by journo Chris Remo, who had a chance to check the machine out last week. The official word will come down later this week, and should be accompanied not only by the rest of the tech specs, but also some shots of the final exterior, since it's unknown whether the one pictured is the full retail model, or is just rocking the same hardware.

Oh, and you should check out the full piece below for some more peripheral stuff regarding the machine. Seems the PC is more than just a marketing gimmick, as it was used extensively in both the development and testing of Warhead. The Remo Files: The Crysis Warhead PC Explained [GameSetWatch]