Tragnarion Nabs Comic Book Talent For Doodle Hex Sequel

Of all the things I missed at the Games Convention at Leipzig, none stung so much as Tragnarion Studios' Doodle Hex, a DS game I've been obsessing over on and off for the better part of a year now. I actually saw the game for sale at GameStop, but didn't pick it up, not knowing they were still looking for a U.S. publisher. So while I desperately await news of a North American release, Tragnarion is busy working on Doodle Hex 2, and they've tapped some top comic book talent to tackle the story this time around in the form of Mr. Sean McKeever. Sean is an Eisner Award-winning writer who has worked in both the indie press as well as in the big leagues for titles such as Sentinel, Inhumans, Mystique, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, Gravity and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane. He's currently moved to the dark side, working exclusively for DC Comics on the Teen Titans. So while I am crushed that I let Doodle Hex slip through my fingers, I am relieved to know the sequel is in good hands. I've Been Doodle Hexed [Sean McKeever's Official Site]


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