Track: Halloween | Artist: Shawn Lee | Album: Bully Offical Soundtrack

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I’ve said for years I would LOVE a remaster of this game, a sequel would be cool too but at this point, they can’t profit off of it like GTA or RDR so there’s a 25,000,000,000,000% chance that we’ll never, ever see a sequel. 

The soundtrack was amazing and the gameplay was hilarious. I still giggle hysterically to this day when I throw marbles in front of the main entry to the boys’ dorm, pull the fire alarm in the middle of the night and watch everyone eat shit.

In my mind it’s like Fight Club, not due to the plot, but more in the sense of how people see the cover/title and immediately assume it’s something that it’s not. In this case, they assume that it’s this horrible game that condones bullying. It was actually a surprisingly wholesome game about a bully that becomes the victim, sees the error of his ways, and works with all of the cliques to take down the social hierarchy and bring down the real bully.