The PS3 is not only getting previous Xbox 360 exclusive Tales of Vesperia, but also a new ToV pirate girl character named Patty Fruel and a bunch of other stuff.

While other stuff like "full voice" seems 100 percent unique to the PS3 version, there are doubts about the new character. Patty was referrenced in the Xbox 360 version, and there is a possibly she was taken out of the game.

The Japanese internet has been looking at the Tales of Vesperia Xbox 360 version's memory address and has found what appears to be traces of the character.


In the coding, "YUR" could be understood as being main protagonist "Yuri Lowell", "EST" could be princess "Estelle", "KAR" could be "Karol Capel", "RIT" could be "Rita Mordio", "RAV" could be "Raven", "JUD" could be "Judith", "RAP" could be "Repede" (aka "Rapido" in the Japanese version), "FRE" could be "Flynn Scifo" ("Furen Shifo" in Japanese) and "PAT" could be short for "Patty Fleur."

But, does this mean that Patty Fleur was originally in the Xbox 360 version and taken out or is it possible for her to be added to the 360 game as downloadable content at a later date?


PS3版『テイルズ オブ ヴェスペリア』の新キャラはXbox360にも出す予定だった!? [オレ的ゲーム速報]