Toys 'R Us Enters Holiday Sales Fray

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Toys 'R Us has kicked off a buy 1, get one half-off promotion - so, two AAAs for $90, basically. While not as eyepopping as the price war between Walmart and Gamestop, it does cover the retailer's entire game stock.


It's also running a free-shipping promo that isn't all that glamorous, but is worth a mention: Free shipping on The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the DS, and free shipping on all pre-ordered games.


You can check out the deals here. Alert reader bjorked noticed in yesterday's Weekend Coupons that the sale was announced in this weekend's Toys 'R Us circular.

Toys 'R Us: Video Games [site]

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I wouldn't call Avatar: The Game an AAA game. More like cheap movie tie-in. But there are a few games in that pile of stuff that could be okay, but I think I'm going to stick to playing some stuff that I've recently bought or some that I'd like to get back to, this holiday season.