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Yup. More Black Friday deals. This time from Toys 'R' Us. Sure, they're not a blue chip games retailer, but if you're in the market for Guitar Hero or a PlayStation 2, they might be worth a look. Particularly for the PS2 deal, since every purchase nets you a DVD remote, a copy of...21 on DVD (OK, not so hot) and six free games. Those six are probably from a list, but hey, free is free. Doorbusters: * FREE Play Station 2 Deal – 6 FREE Games, FREE "21" DVD and FREE Play Station 2 DVD Remote with the purchase of the Play Station 2 System * FREE Nintendo® DS™ accessory with the purchase of Nintendo® DS™ Brain Age Bundle or Nintendo® DS™ Super Mario Bros. Bundle * More than 80% off Xbox 360 Wired Guitar Hero Game Controller * Up to 50% off Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 Toys 'R' Us Leaks Black Friday Deals [Gizmodo]


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