The New York Toy Fair kicked off over the weekend. And video games being big business and all, there were loads of new gaming figures on show. Loads.

DANTE'S INFERNO - First up, though (and these are all courtesy of Toy News International), we'll start with perhaps the most interesting figure of the weekend. Which is this one, to the left, giving us our first good look at the protagonist from EA's upcoming take on Dante's Inferno. Reminds me of Altair...if Altair had to give up the assassin business and get by selling his body. It's due sometime later in 2009

GEARS OF WAR 2 - Three new Gears of War 2 figures were on show: a Locust flamethrower, your trusty robot companion Jack and a Ticker. A surprisingly cute, buck-toothed Ticker. These guys (along with the Boomer, which wasn't pictured) will all be out later this year.


GUITAR HERO - God knows who these are intended for. They're 3-inch cartoon figures for Guitar Hero, but look more like something you'd buy from a dollar store. Seriously, Activision, McFarlane, give up on this crap already.


STREET FIGHTER - Now we're talking. The Akuma looks frightfully accurate, and the Guile, delightfully brutish, but this second wave - following up from the Ryu, Ken and Crimson Viper annouced earlier - is dominated by Chun-Li's thighs. Look at them! Kristin Kreuk, look at them!


AND THE REST...- The video game-related gear winds up with these leftovers, comprising NECA's Player Select Line and the only really new stuff McFarlane showed for their Halo line. From NECA, final (or near-final) sculpts of their Prototype and Dead Space figures, while from McFarlane, it's a first look at "Halo Stylised".

You can check out more pics, plus a full run-down of the Fair, at Toy News International.