Street Fighter IV Figures Are Ugly, Yet Poseable

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Street Fighter IV's unique graphical style looks pretty good when you see it on a screen. Different, yes, and it's taken a little while to get used to, but when you see it moving, it looks pretty great. These Street Fighter IV figures from NECA, that maybe the character's plastic representations shouldn't have been made so literal. Especially since Ken looks a little slow, and Ryu looks like a monkey taking a crap. Pics are at the link below (don't worry, there'll be plenty more than just the three so far spotted). Ken & Ryu [TNI] Crimson Viper [Action-Figure]



I remember when I was a kid, I used to play with action figures more that video games, because I liked an actual hands on with the characters and plus I felt video games werent actuall working my imagination. I remember when I had a Mario and Sonic action figure an I had them fighting because I thought we would never see Mario and Sonic in a vido game together. Action figures just worked imagination at the time. Heck I used to play with them up until I was 13, and the last one I remeber having was a Ultimate muscle action figure, at that time I was done with middle school and stareted haging with friends more and playing video games more as the imagination was getting stiff. I was in Highschool and then I started getting into girls and stuff so I threw away all of my action figures. Now if it wasnt for looking like a dork, and look like a child infront of the GF, I would still play with them. But I guess video games work better now.