Touring Super Mario Odyssey's New Donk City

We recently played more Super Mario Odyssey and enjoyed the sights and sounds of New Donk City. If you want to learn about the city that never leaps, sit down to watch this informative travelogue before making a trip there when Odyssey releases on October 27th. 


If you’re looking to get away for a while, look no further than New Donk City. The crown jewel of the Metro Kingdom, New Donk brims with exciting activities and people to meet. It’s not just fun; it’s ri-DONK-ulously fun!

The first thing you’ll notice about this place is the people. The absurdly normal, not video game looking people. Say goodbye to krazy koopas and hello to a few friendly New Donkers. They might seem strange, but you’ll get use to it. They’re just working class guys and gals trying to survive.

Don’t let the drab, vaguely 1940s inspired attire fool you: New Donkers love to play. The city’s spacious streets are dotted with parks, though the parks aren’t exactly dotted with kids. No big deal. Adults can jump rope, too. Swing by the park and see if you can beat the Jump Rope Challenge or walk along the streets to s join in the growing craze of RC car racing. Those cars are easy to control. Really. It’s okay if you possess people in this city with a magical hat. Just let them go when you’re done: we have families.

New Donk City is stocked with outdoor cafes and plenty of places to relax. Even a tiny alleyway can provide a path upwards to new locations. Wall jumping and climbing are one hundred percent legal and some of the city’s best attractions are far above the bustling streets. You might find one of our collectable moons or dive into a luxurious swimming pool.

The mayor, Pauline, is no damsel in distress either. Focused on reinvigorating the city after ape attacks and mecha-wiggler shenanigans, Pauline is a patron of the arts who always looks for help to organize the next music festival. New Donk has many famous musicians including this one guy who plays the drums. Swing on by for a concert and dance the night away.

The city can get lonely but the good news is that even small acts of kindness go a long way. Sit down and unwind on a city bench. Talk to someone. It’s okay to feel a bit nervous. Even a bit of chit chat makes a big difference in New Donk City. And, by big difference, we mean: you’ll get a moon.

There have been reports of a dangerous mustachioed man causing havoc in the city but that’s an exaggeration. New Donk City is completely safe and there’s no way someone will randomly use your taxi as a spring-board. With music, games, people, and place, New Donk City is the place to be. It’s completely normal. You can see for yourself in October.

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I don’t like this aesthetic at all. It feels an awful like the original Sonic Adventure’s Station Square, and that’s not a compliment. It’s so out of place with the rest of the universe.