Tourette's Guy as The Tank

Cuss a lot when you play Left 4 Dead? Has EvilDaedalus got the mod for you. The brains behind some splendid TF2 machinima replaced The Tank's screams with Tourette's Guy's ravings (language NSFW).

See (and hear) for yourself. "Where's my pants?" Kinda funny. But when Tank's lit on fire, it goes downhill in a hurry. I'm disappointed he couldn't find a use for "That's not Mickey Mouse, that's just tit dirt!"

Tourette's Guy Tank [FPS Banana, thanks reader Kenny J.]

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Bearded Bastard

theres too ways about this,

its real or it isnt, im still on the fence wether to belive it or not.

if it is indeed real, its not his mental disability, its from him being drunk that this part of his brain loses control, laughing at belligerent drunks is fine and not immoral at all.

and if its fake which alot of it tends to be im sure of it. then it is also fine to laugh at it because well its not really his mental disability.

i wouldnt go laugh at a kid with tourettes ever, even in school i hated the dicks whod laugh at the special ed kids. its disrespectful they cant do anything about it they didnt choose to be that way. which brings me to this point, if anyone were REALLY like this im sure their family would be less antagonizing, and ifr a physician really did have the family record his actions, im sure he would be downplaying them for putting it on the internet.

side note, this is times wwere according to their story when hes absolutely drunk, again who the fuck cares. whats pathetic is the level of seriousness with some people who cant just relax once in a while.