Totilo Talks The Top Games Of 2010 On Fox's Strategy Room

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Stephen Totilo has left the building, and is as we speak making a beeline for Fox News studios to talk the top games of 2010 in the Strategy Room. Who wants to watch?


Does four appearances on Fox News's Strategy Room make Totilo a regular guest? Will we soon have to start referring to him as Strategy Room's Stephen Totilo?


In his latest starring role at the Strategy Room's Gadgets and Games segment sees Stephen and a panel of experts discussing the best games of the year. Will you agree with Stephen's picks, or spurn them? You won't know, unless you head over to Fox News Live to catch his 2PM Eastern appearance!

Totilo wants to make sure it's perfectly clear that the games he's going to list are his own favorites, and don't reflect the opinions of Kotaku as a whole.

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Game of the Year, imo, should be really simple...Red Dead Redemption. This game has easily left some of the most lasting impressions from a video game in a long time. For me, it ranks up there with some of the true classics. There were parts of this game that truly wowed me and they weren't cutscenes which made it more impressive. The best example of that was the ride into Mexico, after surviving the raft ride across the border, and with the sun setting in the background and the beautiful song that plays during that part really proved to me it was more than just a game. And then you could get pictures like this and really be floored by what Rockstar created.