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Total Hours of Smash Bros. 4 Played So Far and Other Stats

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Smash Bros. for Wii U has a "World Status" mode, which lets you watch a ticker of random statistics collected from players. These include total number of hours played, total number of Kos people have gotten, and the total distance the Sandbag has been launched in home run contest. All of this is show on a nice global map with lights for all currently connected players. Here are some stats I saw just this morning.

  • 2,297,299,984 hours of play time – almost a third as much as the entire Halo franchise
  • 6,432,211,879 total damage received
  • 118,676,889 total KOs worldwide
  • 1,446,231 miles total distance the Sandbag has traveled in Home Run Contest – almost six times the distance from the Earth to the moon
  • 3,899,843 online battles held YESTERDAY
  • 10,731,978 online battles ever held
  • 22,107,817 battles overall (offline and offline)

The one real standout here is the total hours of playtime. It HAS to include both the 3DS and Wii U versions. Because it's been less than 96 hours since the Wii U version was released, and to accrue 2.2 billion hours of play in 96 hours is impossible given the number of Wii Us that currently exist. Either that, or the figure is straight up wrong.


Online battles held so far is clearly for the Wii U version only, since the total held yesterday, 3.9 million is a little more than a third of all the total online battles figure.


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