Torchlight II Asks, Don't You Have Enough Games to Play This Year?

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Give it up for Runic Games. Asked to account for why its repeatedly delayed Torchlight II isn't going to release this year, the studio's president just pointed at the other entrees on the holiday gaming buffet and said, hey, with all this great stuff here, you can wait, right?


"You're all playing Skyrim right now anyway, aren't you?" Travis Baldree wrote on the game's official site. "Or Battlefield 3? Or Uncharted 3? Or Saints Row 3? Or Arkham City? Or Skyward Sword? Or Minecraft? Or Modern Warfare 3? Or Dark Souls? Or Assassin's Creed Revelations? Those are awesome games. When Torchlight 2 goes live, we want it to be awesome too - all the way through."

In seriousness, the game's PC release is delayed again because it's just not cooked to perfection yet. "We've come to the realization, however, that getting a game of this scope up to the quality and polish level we want to achieve is going to take a little longer; especially since we want to run a small beta before release to ensure that our launch is smooth."

Baldree went on to say that though the first Torchlight was released in "record time," it did so with "plenty of issues" that more development time and resources could have resolved pre-release. "We do have those resources for the sequel, and we feel strongly that we should apply them to make this the best game we can make and hopefully one that you'll enjoy and continue to want to play in the future," he wrote.

An Update from Travis Baldree [Runic Games]

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Fair enough, finish it up properly. Unfortunately, the more it delays, the closer it gets to releasing around Diablo 3 time. But hey, we can play more than one game.