Top Warcraft Guild Disbands, Blaming the Raiding Community

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These past few weeks haven't seen a lot of good news thrown World of Warcraft's way. The MMO shed more than a million users over the past year, a development Activision's CEO called "troubling." Before that, some of the game's hardest-core players called it quits, too.

Exodus, on April 26, said it was disbanding as a 25-man raiding guild and had no plans yet to re-form as a 10-man guild. Guild member Killars, in this post, said "this game isn't to blame," but rather, "it's the raiding community," saying that the competition of top-end raiders carries an "inevitable sort of flaw.


"We've basically been killing ourselves off slowly since day one," Killars wrote. "In the last few years we've certainly picked up the pace, but the 'hardcore raider' is a dying breed and it's certainly becoming a more difficult breed to be a part of."

Killars laments the time commitment and other costs required to get to the top and stay there. "Unfortunately we (hardcore raiders) pushed too hard," he says. "Tier after tier we just keep adding to the insanity in both farming preparations and actual progressing. It's almost as if progression itself never really ends after a end tier boss dies. "

For himself, Killars isn't quitting; he's joined another guild. Still, it is not a good sign when hardcore raiding has become too hardcore for the hardcore.

Exodus is dead?! [Facebook, via PCGamesN, h/t Dave Oshry.]

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I thought the game was becoming less and less hardcore these past few years? So he basically came to the conclusion that WoW is a never ending grind of progression and insanity, well done.