This has a run-up of about 30 seconds, but immediately after that, you'll be running for the nearest bottle of Texas Pete. To pour it on your eyeballs.

I tap out at about 41 seconds, right when the Hey!-ing stops and the singin' starts. How long can you last?

BTW, I haven't done a great job introducing this "feature." Some have asked why I'm punishing the readers. Well, one, I believe in collective guilt and, two, I'm a sadist. You may consider these videos, for as long as you can stand watching them anyway, penance for the multitude of gaming sins you commit throughout the week. Don't give me that look, I know you've been bad.

If you have a particularly punishing video, feel free to tip me. I like to make kids break off their own switch before I hit 'em with it, too.

Also, if you like, you may use the comments as a confessional. You will be punished Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. I expect all of you in here to take your medicine.

WE CHEER Morning Yell HARD PLAY [YouTube]