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We realize that one gamer's pain is another's pleasure, so in an effort to diversify the punishment around here, today's session will give you several choices.

You may select from:

Five minutes of Shaq Fu gameplay: Needs no introduction. One of the worst game concepts of all time.


A Nine-Minute Minesweeper Tutorial: Really, bro, I think we got this one covered after, say, 30 seconds.

Allen Carr's Stop Smoking for the DS, in Dutch: The English version had no sound, and I wanted you to enjoy the ear-grating sound effects.

The first ten minutes of Super Mario Bros. The Movie. So embarrassingly godawful, you'll cringe remembering how you demanded Mom and Dad take your sleepover party to see it.

Alright, break off your switch. Let me hit you with it. Punishment time. Which one did you choose and how long could you stand it?

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