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Today, Guitar Hero, You Have The Touch (And The Power)

With Fahey's life-long crusade nearing its rapturous conclusion, Activision have announced that Stan Bush's "The Touch" will be available as a free download for Guitar Hero: World Tour on May 28.

That's today!

While I'd have preferred Lion's rendition of the 1986 film's theme, or even NRG's Instruments of Destruction, I know not to look a gift horse in the mouth.


Esepcially when, knowing Activision, we could easily have gotten this version of the song instead.

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Oh my god. Just watched the Transformers 2 version of The Touch... What the fuck did they do to that song? It's awful... truly awful. The version they had on that Chuck episode sounded even better then the original, sounded like the same vocals but redone instruments, which is all it needed. But good god.... what the fuck man?