To-Do In New York: Play Spy Party On Thursday

If you're in New York City this Thursday, you can play Chris Hecker's incomplete but already-excellent two-player game Spy Party.

The game pits one player as a spy, who has to walk their avatar through a cocktail party, secretly planting bugs and doing other subtle spy things. The other player is a sniper who views the party from afar and can shoot just one bullet that will kill whoever they target. The game is tense, unusually subtle and amazing. (I love it when I played it earlier this year.)


Hecker is running a six-hour open play test at New York University before giving a talk to the school's Game Center. More info at the link below.

Location: Game Center Open Library, 721 Broadway at Washington Place, New York, NY (Google map of the location)
When: Play session runs from 1pm-7pm ET, followed by the lecture at 7, all on Thursday, November 18

NYU Game Center Lecture Series: Chris Hecker

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