Join Kotaku contributing columnist and owner of some of the largest earrings in the industry Leigh Alexander tomorrow evening at Babycastles' new arcade exhibition space in Williamsburg for the debut of Bad Bitches, a new exhibition of games featuring themes of alternative sexuality. How can that not be a good time?

Tomorrow night from 6PM til the wee hours of the morning, Babycastles' exhibition space at 285 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn will play host to Bad Bitches, an exhibition curated by Miss Leigh Alexander herself. She'll be on hand to present such games as Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars, in which a topless arachnid women tramples over her topless slaves in order to achieve her (likely topless) goals. Or Hey, Baby, the fun game of gunning down men that make lewd comments to women on the street. They've even got Crowd's Yin-Yang: X-Change Alternative, a Japanese visual novel-style game in which a boy switches genders at will to sleep with everyone in his school. I've played that one, and I'm not going to tell you how good it is.

Along with the games shown at this all-ages show there'll be live music, a DJ, an art show by Martha Hipley, and plenty of like-minded people to connect with. You remember people, right? If not, there's a one hour open vodka bar starting at 7PM that should refresh your memory.


All this for a mere $10, with half-price entry available before 7PM.

For more info on the event, check out its home on Facebook, and be sure to tell them Mike Fahey sent you; they'll have absolutely no idea what that means.