Illustration for article titled emTitanfall/em Beta Open to All on Xbox One, with PC to Open Maybe Today

The Titanfall beta opened up to players on Xbox One yesterday evening, allowing anyone to join without using a beta key. The PC beta will become open soon, added Respawn Entertainment's Vincent Zampella, "maybe" even today.

Major Nelson made the announcement at 9 p.m. EST yesterday, and the beta opened up sometime thereafter. It is then available under the New Game Demos section of the Game Store. In some regions, users may see a link to join the Titanfall beta from the Xbox One home page.


Yesterday evening, as Zampella was handing out keys for the PC beta over Twitter, he said Respawn was angling for a stress test of that platform.

When users asked when that would occur, Zampella said Respawn needed to open the Xbox One beta first, but that PC would follow shortly.


He added that because of the difficulty those with beta keys had in playing the game on Friday, the beta period will be extended a day. It was originally planned to end on Wednesday.


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