TinyBuild Announces Six New Ports For The Nintendo Switch

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During a livestream today, indie publisher Tinybuild announced six more games that will be heading to Switch later this year.

All of the games have been out for a few years now and are available on PC and other consoles, but the magic of the Switch so far has mostly been showing that that doesn’t really matter. While there aren’t any specific release dates, the publisher did offer a vague timeline of when everything will be arriving on Nintendo’s handheld.

The games are:

  • The Final Station, post-apocalyptic train defense, coming this month
  • Clustertruck, zany platformer great for speedrunning, coming in March
  • Punch Club, 16-bit fighter with sim management, coming in May
  • Party Hard, stealth strategy game with cool colors, coming this summer
  • Streets of Rogue, procedurally generated action-RPG, due “later this year”
  • Hello Neighbor, somewhat broken horror simulator, due “this year”

All of them will be $15 on the eShop except for Hello Neighbor which will be $40, despite ironically being the worst game on the list (many of us, myself included, had high hopes for it, but alas). In addition, TinyBuild noted that both The Final Station and Punch Club will be packaged with their existing DLC.


Streets of Rogue is probably the one I’m most looking forward to since it’s a pretty involved procedurally generated roguelike with elements of Deus Ex and GTA. It’s also currently still in Early Access on Steam and hasn’t yet come to any of the other major platforms. You can watch TinyBuild’s complete lofi “direct to Switch event” if you choose here.

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Well here comes the big wave of shovelware to the Switch now that’s popular...

Yes, Clustertruck is actually pretty decent, and I had some dumb glitchy fun with Party Hard, but none of these are what you’d call top quality must have games.