To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: The War on Phallic Graffiti

Getting a review copy of Madden NFL 11 on the PS3 has made it apparent how much I need a current console of that platform. You might remember I ended up with a 20GB NTSC:J launch configuration, which my former employer had snapped up in late 2006 as a sweepstakes prize, and needed to get in some wild back-alley deal because there were none available at the time in the U.S.

Yes, I know I can upgrade the hard drive. That's only part of it (I've had to delete a bunch of PSN games to make room for data installations, plus the Medal of Honor beta.) Plus, circle's the menu advance button in XMB with X the menu-back, and it's the other way around in some games, but not others, and it's disorienting as hell. And the USB headset that EA Sports sent (just a basic Motorola headpiece) doesn't work at all, and while I'm not sure, I'll blame it on the fact the console's a dang foreigner.


Mostly, I need an excuse to get me a 250GB Slim, which I will do. But if anyone wants a real oddity, and lives in the Eugene area, my 20GB, all-black region-locked (for PS2 and DVD) console has had zero troubles, and I'm willing to listen to any offer for it.

Update: The console has found a good home with Kotaku alumnus Adam Barenblat. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.


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