Time to Play "What the Hell is This Thing Sony Just Patented?"

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What the hell is this? A steering wheel? A jet fighter's yoke? It's certainly a peripheral for the PlayStation Move, with swing-wing handle grips out at the side. Why is that feature necessary?


Who the crap knows. This device is, however, patented, and the patent was published on April 3 (it was applied for about a year ago). PlayStation Lifestyle draws comparisons between it and the weird Xbox 360 driving handlebar-thing controller for Forza 4 that I could never quite get the hang of. This sucker also has a thumbstick and face buttons, sort of like the 360's whatever-that-was.

Driving controller? Flight controller? Jet-Ski joystick? I'm at a loss for what this could or should manipulate.

Ornamental Design for a Video Game Controller peripheral[USPTO, via PlayStation LifeStyle



The only thing they need to add to actually make the Move handy for FPS is an analog stick that clips to the move. Imagine still having the accuracy of dual thumb sticks but then being able to aim WITHIN that window with the Move controller. It would be like turning your body with the sticks and then aiming your gun within that range. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN, SONY!

The capital letters mean I would buy it so hard and so fast that they wouldn't know what hit them.

Or the simpler option is a mount for the Move controller underneath the Dualshock. I really really want a company to make a game that comes with the attaching clip and supports the combination.