Time Names PlayStation Home A Top Gadget Of 2008

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While Time Magazine did a fine job of picking out the 10 top games of 2008, they might have been a bit premature with their gadget list, with PlayStation Home securing the 10 spot.


It's not that PlayStation Home isn't worthy of the praise; it very well could be. After all, it is a fine service, and my time in the closed beta for the service has been relatively painless. It's just that there really isn't much to it right now. We don't know what the stores will be selling, what kind of sponsors will be popping up, or how stable it will run once all PlayStation 3 owners can access it. It's as if they've given the number 10 spot in their list to an idea rather than an actual product.


Who knows? Maybe we'll find out if the service really deserves the accolades in 10 days or so. Till then this just feels a bit too early.

Top 10 Gadgets #10 - PlayStation Home [Time - Thanks Xiong]

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I see your point, but thousands of us have "played" it, it seems to work fine (though extremely short on content), so it's quite acceptable for it to be considered on the list as long as they meet their promised release date of by the end of the month.