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Britain's The Times (Online) have a piece up on Home. The headline reads "PlayStation fiends finally get a second life". To stave off the Second-Life-induced yawns, however, it offers something.

That something being a firm release window for the game. Which, if The Times aren't pulling things out of their collective arses, is sometime before December 17.


See for yourself. The article - published on December 7 - says:

To try Home, which is slated for release in the next 10 days, players must download a piece of free software from Sony’s PlayStation store onto their own PS3.

Plenty of scope there for The Times to be misinformed, jumping to conclusions or, as stated, be pulling things out of their arses.

Then again, ten days is a precise number. And not too long to wait. No harm in checking in until December 17 then, eh?

PlayStation fiends finally get a second life [The Times Online, via CVG]

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