Tim Schafer To Make Legendary Late Night TV Appearance

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Heavy metal adventure Brutal Legend will make a repeat appearance on NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, as Double Fine big boss and game developer Tim Schafer will be a guest on tonight's show. Nice little upgrade from basic cable!


We don't know much about the content of the appearance, other than our expectations: lots of Brutal Legend talk, some questions about Jack Black's involvement in the game, and Schafer likely having better comedic timing than Fallon. What we don't expect to see is Schafer or Fallon in a red jumpsuit.


The show should air on or around 12:35 AM in time zones that matter, broadcast on your local NBC affiliate. Check your TV Guide for more info!

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Uggh, enough about brutal legend...

Also, how is a TV appearance worth posting about? You know the day after there will be another blog post about it anyway.

This post iis similar to the "announcement regarding an impending announcement" posts.

I really want to avoid all these, but they come up all the time.