Three Out of Four Online Marriages End in Divorce, Says Korean MMO

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MapleStory, the South Korean sidescrolling MMO (above), allows players to get hitched if they so choose. Sadly, many of the unions are not parted by death but divorce—20,344 out of 26,982, to be precise.


Nexon, the publisher of MapleStory recently released the figures. Getting hitched runs a $25 in-world fee but splitting up doesn't incur as much economic pain. "Couples who break up are not required to split up their loot, virtual pets or any enchanted items," says a producer.

"While it looks like our players break up at a much higher rate than people do in real life, at least our players are not on the hook for alimony," she continues. That's not to say it's entirely free. An annulment runs $500,000 mesos (the unit of currency in MapleStory).


Thank God this game wasn't incorporated in California. For our favorite side-scrolling MMO marriage simulator, see Dan T. Man.

75 Percent of In-Game Marriages End in Divorce [CNET]

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Side-scrolling MMO? Huh. And they should definitely force the players to split the loot and chop the pets right down the middle with a rusty ax. The result would be pure hilarity. On the other hand, they'd lose a very lucrative 25$ a pop fake marriage scam.

And as much as i wanted to stay civil on the matter, shelling out twenty five real world smackers to get hitched in a game is stupid. If it was free it'd only be ridiculous.