THQ Returns To Saints Row, Darksiders, And De Blob Next Year

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THQ is rolling out the sequels in fiscal year 2012, with releases planned for Saints Row 3, a Darksiders sequel, and a follow-up to the Wii-exclusive hit de Blob.


During the THQ investor call today, CEO Brian Farrell continued listing off upcoming games after outing a new Red Faction title and Homefront for release during fiscal year 2011, with three more sequels planned for release during fiscal year 2012, which runs from April of 2011 to March of the following year.


A new Darksiders title is a no-brainer, consider the success the first has seen, especially during one of the busiest post-holiday seasons in recent memory. The Saints Row series of Grand Theft Auto-inspired games is also a big breadwinner for the company, so fans can expect to see Saints Row 3 as well.

The biggest surprise for me is a follow-up to de Blob, which remains one of my favorite titles on the Nintendo Wii even now, after a year and four months of new Wii titles have come and gone. I didn't think the game had done well enough to warrant a sequel, but I am tremendously excited to learn otherwise.

Now I realize the Darksiders fans will be the most vocal in the comments section, but can I get a little de Blob love?

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So, Volition, instead of making Freespace 3 and reviving the large space-flight-combat-sim market, makes another GTA-clone-with-character-customization game?

This makes me sad.

I'm also looking at you, Relic! You're in the THQ league! Remake Homeworld 3 or I will be very disappointed.