You might know Japanese celebrity Mari Yaguchi from her appearance in Yakuza 4. Or maybe you remember her days in pop group Morning Musume. Or you might have recently heard Yaguchi's husband caught her screwing another man.

On May 21, Japanese magazine Josei Seven published an article, claiming that Yaguchi's husband, 27 year-old actor Masaya Nakamura, discovered the 30 year-old star in bed with a 25 year-old male model. The article also stated the couple had been separated for the past three months due to this incident.

You know what else was published this week? Yaguchi's regular column in Japanese game magazine, Famitsu.

In the article, she showed off screenshots from her Tomodachi Collection: New Life game. In them, you can see images of Mari's Mii and her husband's Mii, holding hands in front of a giant heart.


Yaguchi wrote that it was recently her husband's birthday, and she had a "big birthday party" for him in Tomodachi Collection: New Life. "Whaddaya think of this happy face my husband is making?" Yaguchi asked about her husband's Mii.

In the article, Yaguchi wrote, "Aren't we so lovey dovey? How embarrassing." That was followed with a bashful emoticon.


Yaguchi has since apologized publicly—not for the Famitsu article, but for cheating on her husband. Incidents like this, while private, can damage a celebrity's reputation in Japan.

According to Yahoo! News Japan, the star will not be appearing on television show Hirunan this week with the reason being she's not feeling well. Online in Japan, people seem to think that she's not appearing on TV due to this latest scandal. She probably has more pressing matters: like, perhaps, saving her marriage.


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