Famitsu's Latest Columnist Is...

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Former Morning Musume singer Mari Yaguchi, apparently. The first of her "blog-like" serialized columns will appear in the issue going on sale May 1.


Yaguchi often touches on gaming in her personal blog — writing about extremely important issues like whether she looks like Final Fantasy XIII characters. Japanese game magazine Famitsu, which has been roping in celebs for a while now, thought she'd make a good columnist, and she agreed to their offer.

The pop idol will write about her personal gaming experiences, and the mag will include pictures of her as well. "I want to write about how girls too are passionate about video games," Yaguchi said. The name of her column is "I'm A Gamer".

矢口真里:「ファミ通」で連載「ゲーマーです。」スタート [Mainichi]


Fonster Mox

I misread this as "Kotaku's latest columnist", now that would be interesting.