This Year's Dawning Event Is A Huge Gift To Players Grinding Destiny 2's Season Pass

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Destiny 2's seasonal “Dawning” event is showering players in experience points, helping to ease the months-long grind through the game’s second battle pass-style reward progression.


The event went live last week and will remain in effect until January 14. During that time the Tower will have a nice, festive dusting of snow and players will be able to use Eva’s Holiday Oven to bake strange cookies for all of their favorite characters. While that part is largely the same as last year’s event, with players grinding through Eva’s holiday quest steps for exotic sparrows and weekly powerful engrams, the game’s new season pass has made Eva’s bounties way more rewarding.

Eva’s daily and repeatable bounties both grant double experience points, making them twice as rewarding as all the other vendor bounties in the solar system. They aren’t very hard to complete either. Her daily bounties consist of killing 100 of a certain kind of enemy, or using a certain element like Arc, something that’s easy to do while grinding through other activities. Her repeatable bounties are also very straightforward, consisting of baking specific treats for the Tower’s various residents.

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For example, I currently have a bounty telling me to bake a Telemetry Tapioca for the Gunsmith Banshee-44. Bungie’s event guide has the recipes for all of the confections, and Telemetry Tapioca requires Vex Milk and Bullet Spray, the former you can get from killing Vex with precision hits and the latter you get from killing enemies with auto rifles. These ingredients are also easy to acquire in the background of trying to work on other stuff like weekly strikes, flashpoints, or grinding out bounties for Season of Dawn’s Obelisks. With the raw 100,000 experience points you can get from Eva’s four daily bounties and four repeatable ones, it’s much easier to grind multiple season pass levels in a single session, especially if you are running multiple characters and using a Ghost Shell with the guiding light XP bonus perk.

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Every season pass has 100 levels to it, each of which costs 100,000 experience points to unlock. Since Destiny 2 seasons last roughly 100 days, that means players can get their pass done in time by grinding out one level every day. Of course, that’s a huge commitment for anyone, even people who love to play Destiny, and some of the season’s rewards give bonuses like increasing the mod slots on weapons or the amount of rewards you get from certain activities, making it worthwhile to level up the season pass sooner rather than later.


Bounties have always been the fastest way to level up the season pass (individual enemy kills and activity completions don’t net a whole lot of experience points by comparison), but Eva’s bounties are extra generous and help take some of the sting out of having to immediately begin the grind anew after Season of Undying just rapped up. Lots of games get bonus XP weekends, but Destiny 2 is basically running a bonus XP month from now until mid-January, which ultimately feels appropriate given the time of year.

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For whatever reason after watching Star Wars I felt compelled to redownload Destiny 2 and get the new expansion. I loaded up my character which somehow has a powerlevel of 750? I load into the game and suddenly my map of all the different planets is filled in.

I have NO Idea what I’m doing or where to go, so I went to a planet I recognized from my last playthrough and did a live event for a bit.

Is there any place I can go to that will start a questline or something? I’m so lost.

Please help, I want to be a bad ass space wizard!