In the land of cell phone games and gaming apps, no idea is too good, too bad or too stupid to base a game off of.

You can make a game about throwing birds around. You can make a game about jumping up (that's the whole game). You can make a game about making games. People will buy this stuff.

This week, we plucked five more games from the world of iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 and told you that they were our Gaming Apps of the Day.

We never said our Gaming Apps of the Day weren't ridiculous and unadaptable to the stage or the silver screen. They're also not about war, dragons, space marines, plumbers, princesses, treasure hunts, the Renaissance, snowboarding, unspeakable evil, mines, mining, minors, crafting or Star Wars. Pretty weird, right?


Paper Toss Makes a Comeback as Paper Toss 2.0

One of the first games I played a ton of on the iPhone was Paper Toss, a simple little title where you had to throw paper in the bin while accounting for the blow of an office fan. More »


If Real Life Moonshine Running Had Tech This Impressive We'd All Be Drunk Right Now

Shine Runner is a game for any child that's ever dreamed of guiding a high-speed fanboat through a backwoods bayou, police sirens wailing as you race to unload your precious cargo of bootleg booze to the highest bidder. Shine Runner would be completely ridiculous if it weren't so amazing. More »


Learn The Guitar While Taming Wild Beasts On Your iPad

WildChords, a new guitar training app from Ovelin, is truly a remarkable little thing. It presents a charming, well-put-together guitar trainer that is both simpler and more effective at teaching the guitar than pricy music games like the not-so-fun Rocksmith and the fun-but-complicated Rock Band... More »


SpellTower is the Boggle Tetris That We Needed

Look at the letters in the image above. Can you spell a word by tracing a line through them?
If so, congratulations, you'd be good at SpellTower.
SpellTower is a stack if letters that can each disappear if you thread them into words.
SpellTower is an iOS game that, in its best mode, keeps shoving... More »


A Physics Puzzle to Stretch Your Mind—and Your Patience

Stretched is a physics puzzle for the iOS that explores slingshot physics in ways we've seen before, and a few ways we haven't yet. Packing 80 levels for a buck, Stretched will definitely stretch your dollar, but it may also stretch your patience.
Happily, there's a "skip level" feature to get you... More »