This Week in the Business: 'The Most Overtly Sexist Environment Ever'

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What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "When I first started playing in 1999, it was the most overtly sexist environment ever."—Linda Carlson, SOE director of global community relations, on EverQuest and how online communities are changing.


QUOTE | "You don't force anything, you don't drive anything, you just provide it."—Andrew Wilson, EA's new CEO, talking about how FIFA built a very successful set of products and services.

QUOTE | "The games are hopefully getting good enough ... that it's not just about shooting anymore."—Rockstar VP of creative Dan Houser, recounting the evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series of games.


QUOTE | "He is generally well respected by those he works with, he has credibility with the studios, and from the board's perspective, he isn't likely to shake things up."—Analyst Colin Sebastian sizing up EA's choice of Andrew Wilson as the company's new CEO.

QUOTE | "Personally, I find it an empty, silly way of measuring anything."—Raphael van Lierop, Hinterland founder and industry veteran, on the game industry tradition of working amazingly long hours.

STAT | 40%—Number of Xbox Live users that are female, according to Microsoft COO Kevin Turner; "That's a giant change from when we launched our platform," said Turner.

QUOTE | "We're going from $60 games to free. From proprietary hardware devices to any hardware device."—John Schappert, ex EA and Zynga exec, explaining why his new startup is going to focus on mobile games.


STAT | 5 million—Target number of PS4 units that Sony expects to sell by the end of March 2014, according to SCE head Andrew House; that would outsell the PS3 by 1.5 million units in the same time period after launch.

QUOTE | "There's a lot of distrust of publishers, but a lot of them do genuinely hard work."—David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies, in a discussion of Unity's foray into game publishing.


STAT | $1.5 billion— Lifetime revenue generated at retail by Activision's Skylanders franchise so far; the last installment, Skylanders Giants, sold 500,000 copies in its first two weeks.

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"most overtly sexist environment ever."

I uh. I'm not so sure whoever wrote this is too great when it comes to history. I understand it's hyperbole but... Honestly, it denigrates the great progress made in the past century or so and it downplays how bad it has been for women in medieval, classical or earlier times.