This Week In The Business: Afraid Of Making Games

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QUOTE | "I'm scared as a game developer to think about making a game." - Mike Capps, former president of Epic Games, talking about how hard it is to make a hit game these days and why he's not starting a new game studio.


Elsewhere in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "We fundamentally sabotaged what is inherently awesome about Diablo, which is killing a monster and getting the loot." - Diablo III game director Josh Mosqueira, talking about Blizzard's decision to remove the Auction House from the game.


QUOTE | "We believe that we will be able to use smart devices in a very unique way so that they can be a bridge to our dedicated game systems, and at the same time, that we will be able to deliver unique experiences to the users of smart devices" - Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, explaining why Nintendo is finally going to make mobile games.

QUOTE | "If there's something useful, we'll give it away. Somebody else will figure out another way to use it, as long as we treat it as a tool and not a straightjacket." - Valve head Gabe Newell, explaining why the company is now giving away its Source gaming engine for free.

QUOTE | "This is about the most drastic, bold shift in strategy Nintendo could have undertaken." - Tokyo-based game consultant Serkan Toto, talking about Nintendo's announcement of a partnership with DeNA to work on mobile games.

QUOTE | "We've actually deliberately chosen from the start to almost be the caricature anti-monetizer in some ways." - Super Evil Megacorp COO Kristian Segerstrale, talking about why their game Vainglory is focusing on being a great game rather than squeezing players for money.


STAT | 4.3 billion – Monthly YouTube views for Minecraft videos in February, according to research firm Newzoo; Minecraft accounted for 40% of all views among the top 20 games on YouTube.

QUOTE | “The tablet market has kind of crashed. Or at least, growth has declined. And as a start-up, high-growth markets are really important." - Jason Citron, founder of Hammer & Chisel, talking about why mobile game startups are facing a more difficult market.


STAT | 9.06 million – Number of concurrent users on Steam, topping the previous record of 8.5 million users set at the beginning of January; the total Steam audience is over 125 million users, according to Valve.

QUOTE | "Nintendo's move to mobile is another validation of the rapid acceleration of the mobile game market." - Kabam COO Kent Wakeford, talking along with other industry execs about what Nintendo's move to make mobile games means to the industry.


STAT | 73% – Amount Rovio's annual profit dropped last year over the previous year, with a 9% drop in revenue; the company pinned the blame on a big drop in Angry Birds licensed merchandise revenue.

QUOTE | "It was like a spark thrown into a barrel of explosives. Everybody was ignited by the idea instantly." - 11 bit's Pawel Miechowski, talking about convincing the team to move from tower defense games to work on This War of Mine.

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Most of the greatest games ever made were games made before the industry turned into a multi billion dollar juggernaut by people that simply wanted to play those games themselves.

Want to make good games? stop making games for a paycheck and make them to be loved and enjoyed by yourselves. Also fire every single member of your team that develops video games, but is not a gamer and does not play video games outside of work.

Also Publishers are redundant with the advent of digital distribution, get rid of those life sucking vultures.