This Week in Gaming Apps Has Nothing to Do With Mass... Dammit, Shepard!

I don't care if he does endorse Kotaku's weekly round-up of the gaming apps we played and reviewed, there is absolutely no reason for Commander Shepard to show up in the mosaic image.

No, it doesn't that he had his own mobile game a few years back. That wasn't even him, it was a rogue Cerberus agent, hell-bent on doing the opposite of whatever normal Cerberus agents are supposed to do, and it had nothing at all in common with the colorful platforming antics of Mr. Crab.


Besides, my Shepard was female. She did not play golf. She did not try to escape alien sushi chefs. She never sat on the beach flicking bottle caps at ice cubes and she most certainly never served as part of an animated squad of British investigators.

She may have been a lumberjack. There were all of those running through the woods dreams.

Damn Mass Effect Week, making the main character feel all entitled and shit. He probably doesn't even care about...

What We Played This Week


Runaway Snack - iOS - $.99

This physics-based puzzle game wants to be Cut the Rope so badly you can taste the candy. Still, its pursuit of emulation isn't without originality and entertainment.


Golfstar - iOS - Free

A free golf game from Com2US, and it's not too shabby. I often forget how much I love video game golf until a title like this comes along.


LumberJacked - iOS - $.99

This pixel platformer perfectly captures the age-old struggle between woodsmen and beavers. Would rock with a game pad, but we can't all be game pads.


Mr. Crab - iOS - $.99

I did not expect to enjoy this circular platformer as much as I do. Worth it for the clicky crab scuttle sounds alone.


Bottle Cap Blitz - iOS - $.99

I have absolutely no idea why I bought this, but it's fun, in a simple, stupid sort of way. Flick bottle caps at ice cubes to shatter them, because that's how ice cubes work.


Blue Toad Murder Files: A Touch of Mystery - iOS - $2.99

I really need to play more of the games in this series. Charming mystery adventure with challenging puzzles and cartoon-quality graphics. Collect the whole set.


App Reviews for the Week of April 8-12, 2013


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