The disgusting in-app purchase model takes me right out of what otherwise would be an incredibly sold mobile action role-playing game. Gameloft has brought story (demons are invading, go kill them) and exploration back to the franchise with Dungeon Hunter 4, cleverly weaving in arena combat areas to appease the fans of the previous game. The combat is solid (though I'd love to swap the on-screen controls for a game pad).


Multiplayer co-op could benefit from the ability to revive your teammates (but then who would buy potions?). Player-versus-player combat is laggy and way unbalanced in favor of the game's archer and magic-using ranged classes, and since players can pay for everything regardless of level, running into overpowered foes will be a common problem for players who figured free-to-play meant free-to-win.

Ultimately the lush visuals, competent combat and return to the glory days of following a plot are completely undermined by the obnoxious money grab. If there were a version of Dungeon Hunter 4 I could spend $10 on and just play as a normal, premium title, I'd be in heaven right now. Instead I wait on timers and ponder removing the game from my iPad.


We need to stop encouraging this sort of system, before free-to-play mobile gaming goes completely to hell.

Dungeon Hunter 4

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