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The "This Week In Comics" effort here at Kotaku weathers a rough February. But here's a second installment (late!), showcasing a couple of gaming comic books, a couple of others, in shops in the U.S., this week.

Mega Man Megamix Vol.1
Written and drawn by Hitoshi Ariga.

Summary Via Udon Entertainment:
Written and drawn by mangaka Hitoshi Ariga, the Megamix manga is a 3-volume series beloved for its stupendous artwork and exciting stories. Outside of Japan, Mega Man fans have dreamed of one day being able to enjoy these adventures… and now they finally can!


Halo: Blood Line #3
Written by: Francis Portela.
Drawn by: Fred Van Lente

Summary Via Marvel Comics:
The Elites and Spartans' uneasy alliance to rescue their captured comrades from the depths of the ancient complex is pushed to the breaking point when a traitor is revealed in their midst. But is the turncoat human, Covenant...or something even more terrifying?

Star Wars: Legacy #45
Written by: John Ostrander
Drawn by: Jan Duursema

Summary Via Dark Horse Comics:
Monster, part 3: Wayland is a world overrun with Yuuzhan Vong flora and fauna — almost all of it hostile to humans. Cade and his friends have been separated, Deliah Blue has been captured, and they're about to meet the source of all of the Vongspawn!


Elsewhere, the Jedi, Roan Fel's Imperials, and the Sith are preparing to converge on Agamar — revealing some unexpected alliances . . .

Why I Included This Non-Gaming Comic:
When I was a kid, John Ostrander wrote a book called Suicide Squad. The series followed the adventures of a group of c-level super-criminals from the DC Universe who would be given a proposition by the U.S. government: Go on a suicide mission and, if you live, we'll shorten your prison sentence or even let you go. With that wonderful set-up, Ostrander made the lamest villains great characters. This is what he does on all his group books, and it's why I, someone who would usually avoid Star Wars novels or comics, couldn't help but recently see if Ostrander could make me care about Jedis whose names I can't pronounce and other convolutions of the post-movies Star Wars universe. He succeeded and has been weaving a yarn in Legacy that has captivated me month after month. And I don't even have most of the back issues. Somehow, it just works.


Batman & Robin #9
Written by: Grant Morrison
Drawn by: Cameron Stewart

Summary Via DC Comics:
Part 3 of "Blackest Knight" guest-starring Batwoman, Knight and Squire! Only months into his new role as Batman, Dick Grayson faces perhaps the biggest threat of his life. In hopes of attaining his heart's desire, has Dick instead unleashed a terror the likes of which the world has never seen?

Meanwhile, back in Gotham City, Alfred and a recuperating Robin are at the mercy of someone both fearsome and familiar…

Why I Included This Non-Gaming Comic:
Grant Morrison wrote it.

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