This Sure Is A $600 Mega Man X Statue

Good statues don’t come cheap and Mega Man X is no exception. But for the price of six months’ car insurance or a round-trip flight to the North American coast of your choice, it could be yours.

The little blue robot man measures 21" and is 1/4th scale, so naturally it’s already sold out. Produced by HMO Collectibles for the 30th anniversary of Mega Man, the Capcom licensed statue has a top layer as well as second, circuit-infested one so you can mix and match him until he looks like a body double from the first Terminator.


There’s a Blue Edition as well as a Red one and with only 200 stock between them, including the “Ultimate” editions that include both versions for a total of $1,200, it’s maybe not surprising that they’ve already sold out.


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