This Nintendo Bootlegger's Middle Name Is Success. Really.

Justin Success Brooks—yes, success is his middle name—made about £600,000 selling cartridges and discs loaded with pirated Nintendo games from 2009 to 2011. He's now headed for the slammer, or whatever they call it in the U.K., following a guilty plea last week.


From the report, it sounds as though Brooks, 41, was selling his wares online to customers with Wiis, DSes and DSis. He'd pack upwards of 200 games onto one cartridge or disc and sell the thing for £40 to £80. Nintendo raised a concern with the U.K. Interactive Entertainment Association, which bought some of Mr. Success Brooks' wares in its investigation and confirmed the contents.

He's out on bail now, but will be facing jail time at his sentencing at Croydon Crown Court on Nov. 9. Brooks pleaded guilty to seven different counts, among them "fraudulent trading" and "unauthorized use of a trademark." Nintendo estimated the value of the titles he burgled—sold separately, at full price of course—at £7.46 million.

Counterfeit Nintendo games seller Justin Success Brooks estimated to have made about £600,000 [Croydon Guardian via Joystiq.]



It seems this failure....

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....... is a Success.