Blow-Up Doll | SAPPORO, JAPAN: A monster waiting to be hunted looms over a Capcom event in Japan (Photo: Famitsu)

Skyrim, You've Come a Long Way, Baby

While it looked pretty amazing when first released, time has not been kind to certain visual aspects of Oblivion, the last game in the Elder Scrolls series. More »


Don't Let Some Rules Stop Your Sexy

This weekend, the Comic Market, aka Comiket, tore through Tokyo. And earlier this month, new rules were revealed for skimpy Comiket cosplay: cover up!
But as thongs throngs of cosplayers descended on Tokyo Big Sight for the expo, one thing was certain: More »


A Giant Gundam Hand Fit for Your Ass?

From August 13 to August 21 (my birthday!), the life-sized Gundam statue will be on display in Tokyo's Odaiba. But it won't be looming tall. It will be in pieces, strewn on the ground. More »


Elements of Truth in This PS Vita Smackdown

Heavy Iron Studios knows a thing or two about throwing pretend punches in the air. The studio is behind exercise game UFC Personal Trainer (as well as a buncha games based on Pixar flicks). More »


Just Imagine the Lewd Camo You Can Make

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D has a new feature: "Photo camouflage". Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima tested it out.
Here, Kojima snapped a pic of a shopping bag from a Japanese electronics store. More »

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