While it looked pretty amazing when first released, time has not been kind to certain visual aspects of Oblivion, the last game in the Elder Scrolls series. Especially its plastic-faced, potato-headed characters.

With the fifth Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, due later this year, people might be curious to see just how many of the world's key races are looking five years later.

The picture above shows how the series' engine has advanced since Oblivion's release in 2006, comparing the characters and races of the last game against those found in 2011's Skyrim.

You can also, just for kicks, see down the bottom row how they looked in 2002's Morrowind.

To see the image in full (the top pic doesn't show all the races), click on the thumbnail below.


Oblivion vs. Skyrim (so far) [Reddit]

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