Life is short. There's lots of anime to watch. Why not do it all at once like Twitter user Miz_hi?

As pointed out by Togech, Miz_hi tweeted, "In the least amount of time possible, I wanted to watch the current season's anime." By using ten displays, and running two shows on six of them, Miz_hi was able to watch sixteen anime at once. Which is something like this:

[GIF: みづきひかり]

Or actually, you can watch one show, if you like.

[Photo: miz_hi]

This fall, there has been more anime to watch. Know what that calls for? More monitors.

これが人類の限界なのか……!! [Togech]

できるだけ時間をかけずに今期のアニメをたくさん見たかった [Miz_hi@Twitter]

Top photo: Miz_hi

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