This Mass Effect Trilogy Trailer Combines All the Awesome of Three Games in One Place

The Mass Effect Trilogy-which bundles BioWare's acclaimed sometimes controversial sci-fi series all in one place-comes out next week. (PS3 owners will be able to download the first game in December.) In case you need a refresher for Commander Shepard's saga, watch the clip above.


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Old Grey Young of Shub Niggurath

So...would I be silly to think that they've streamlined/updated the menu/UI of the original to match the last two games? Because, honestly, as much as I enjoyed the story of the first one, after having played the last two games multiple times, I tried playing through the original again...and it was NOT good.

Well, yes. Yes, I suppose it *would* be silly to hope for that.


Now, about updating the *graphics* of the original...