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George Romero's name is synonymous with horror. Romero isn't a huge gamer, but he's interested in making a video game. If only a game company would allow him to do just that. There's shit he'd like to hide and stuff.

Romero is best known to moviegoers for his groundbreaking zombie films Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. Romero's later work has been uneven, but Land of the Dead does have flashes of brilliance.

"I'd like to do a game. I'd like to work with a gamer on it," Romero told website Destructoid. "But everyone who has ever approached me, it's always been ... sell us your name and go home. I don't particularly want to do that." Capcom's zombie game Dead Rising was heavily influenced by Romero's films — a fact that Romero seemed apparently unaware of in 2008.


The director was involved with a multi-platform (Xbox, PS2, PC) first-person zombie shooter called City of the Dead. The game's publisher ran into financial issues, and the game was never finished. And while the Resident Evil series owes a debt to Romero, the filmmaker directed live action Resident Evil 2 commercials that starred actor Brad Renfro.


Romero was initially pegged to direct the film version of Resident Evil; however, his vision for the series was passed over in favor of director Paul W.S. Anderson's take on the survival horror series. According to Destructoid, the filmmaker said he "had a lot of great ideas" for a game while working on his pitch for the Resident Evil movie and watching his assistant play through the title.

"I'm not a gamer, so I don't know," he admitted. "What excites a gamer? I don't know. I think I could come up with a good story, and good situations — places to hide shit... We'll see what happens."


It honestly doesn't matter whether Romero is a gamer or not. He wouldn't be making the game by himself, you know? He'd have a game designer, a level designer, programmers, the works! What does matter is that Romero has a strong point-of-view. His movies, even when they are rotten, are attempting to convey something. And the man understands the nuts and bolts of horror. Surely, he can team up with a solid development studio — one that doesn't have financial problems.

Zombies are neat and all, but I personally wish he'd make Knightriders into a game. Knights on motorbikes, yes, yes, yes!


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