George Romero Clueless About Dead Rising?

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Back in late February, we brought word of a Dead Rising lawsuit. Capcom was being sued over the game by the MKR Group, which holds the rights to George Romerso's Dawn of the Dead film. MKR claimed that Dead Rising was essentially an unlicensed adaptation of the Romero film. Over the weekend, George Romero appeared at the Chicago Horror Convention, and Kotaku reader Tyler was on hand to get his copy of Dead Rising autographed by the famed horror director. According to Tyler:

I went to a horror movie convention here in Chicago on Sunday because George Romero was due to show up for autograph signing and I was hoping he would grace my copy of Dead Rising with his signature (not expecting that he would at all). Lo and behold he actually did, and on top of that, he was not even aware of Dead Rising...i had to explain to him what it was and he was happy to sign it. Makes me wonder if he is even aware of the legal battles Capcom has had to endure.


Makes us wonder, too. If you can't read what Romero wrote, it is: "Tyler Stay Scared George Romero."


Brian Ashcraft

@TheWiicast: Oh man. That's incredible.