Childhood nightmares are the worst. Everything poses an irrational danger and we don't have the mental faculties to know that there isn't something horrendous under the bed.


But I bet if I had crazy sharp appendages like the cute little girl in They Bleed Pixels, I'd have felt more safe as a kid. She uses her arms to eviscerate the enemies plaguing her dreams in this gothic, lo-fi platforming beat-em-up.

The game looks kind of gruesome thanks to the endless stream of blood, and the combo system seems as if it'll challenge players to destroy their enemies in creative ways. Did I mention that the checkpoint system requires you to pull off stylish skills? Reminds me of Bulletstorm a bit.

The developer, Spooky Squid, announced that the game will be tearing its way onto Steam later this year. No release date yet, but we'll be keeping an eye out.

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