This Isn't Anime, But A Model Diorama

Twitter user Annkoromoti makes incredible models, bringing them to life in anime-like dioramas.


Pictured is a Valkyrie from the Macross anime—a model with a cell-shaded paint job. Have look!

Amazing, no? Here is how it compares to an anime still:

This is truly great.


A close-up look really shows the detail:


We’ve previously seen other anime-style paint jobs (here and here, for example). They were amazing, too!

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Looks familiar...:) Actually, this is an early Transformer I found at a local thrift some years back. The story goes that, when Transformers took off in the US back in the day, the company (Hasbro, I think) wanted more merch in the stores, so they got the rights to rebadge them from other sources (one of them Macross, which this is from.

Still has the Bandai logo on the underside of the place the wings connect to. And it may want to transform and roll out....there’s a tin wind-up robot coming after it! :)