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This is Why Animals Need to Talk

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Two Big Santa Differences

This week in Oregon, it got down to hideously cold temperatures, like 16 degrees. There's a stray cat in the neighborhood who comes snorfling around looking for food and I usually give her some, but with it so cold out, I took a great deal of pity on her and brought her inside. And then I figured, let's go ahead, get her vaccinated, get her fixed, the whole deal. If I couldn't keep her (my current cat hates her own species), the poor thing will be much more adoptable if she's been spayed and has shots.

So we're sitting there in the examining room and the tech remarks that the cat is of a very healthy weight, looks clean, etc., and decides to check for a scar. Sure enough, after shaving her belly, there it is. Now, I don't think I have someone else's cat. I've seen her around since at least October, and other neighbors have put out food, too. I think this was a fix-and-dump, which I guess is only half as evil as the usual abandonment.


But I can only imagine what this cat might have said, in the waiting room, if it could speak a language.

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