This Is What Your Very Own Volus Biotic God Looks Like In Mass Effect 3's New DLC

The new Retaliation multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3 is out today. I've dabbled with it a bit so far and, sadly, luck is not with me when it comes to unlocking a volus. (I got a vorcha, instead. So close, game, and yet so far...)


Other folks, however, have had better luck with their Spectre packs than I, and have found their very own short, rotund biotic gods lurking within. Volus are available in the Adept, Engineer, Sentinel (as Volus Mercenary), and Vanguard (as Volus Protector) classes.

Above, YouTube user nhcre8tv1 has captured what I think is an Adept going to town on the Collectors in the new sandstorm hazard on Firebase Dagger. The bright pink armor shows up very well through the dark and dismal clouds.


In this video, genericHenle captured the volus Engineer at work, including the character creation process. I admit to being deeply amused that the volus stands on a crate, and barely shows up at the bottom of the screen when allocating powers.

And for good measure, one more Adept, this time with commentary from TheReviewDemon.


As a general rule, I prefer not to go for the biotic-heavy classes. But for the chance to see a volus go to town on reapers, I think I will just have to give it a try... as soon as I can unlock one. Off to go shoot Cerberus and earn credits!


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This doesn't make any sense lore wise. The Volus had the Turian to protect them for a reason. that reason being, Volus suck at combat. It makes no sense at all that a Volus character would be as powerful as any of the other races.